Born to raise hell

Galveston Tattoo Company takes great pride in giving you the tattoo you want not the tattoo we want! We will take your idea and make it better than you even thought it could be. If your idea wont work we will work with you to make it better.

Honesty is sometimes hard to hear, but that is what you are going to get. The tattoo you get here represents our shop and we wont put anything on you that we would not wear ourselves. You have to be able to trust the artist putting a tattoo on your body. We understand that and we don’t use that to our advantage.

The tattoo you get here represents our shop and we wont put anything on you that we would not wear ourselves.

Like I said we are here for you, and the satisfaction we get from doing exactly what you want is much greater than doing what we want. Most shops take your idea and make it there own thinking they know better. I have heard almost every artist in this area say, "clients don't know what they want, I know what they want". This is just crazy thinking.

Before walking into a shop there are four things I encourage you to look at:

  1. 1. Portfolio
  2. 2. Reviews
  3. 3. Cleanliness
  4. 4. Experience

If you do those things and you are happy with all of them, you are in the right place. I can tell you there is no where around that has those things like Galveston Tattoo Company.

Our Experience


We have 2 artists that have over 16 years of tattooing by themselves. Don't be fooled by combined shop experience, this is not a team sport! Galveston tattoo has been tattooing on the island since 2008. We opened up just before the hurricane hit and rebuilt just like everyone, we have respect for the island and we are not going anywhere.

Our Style

Our Style

As for our style well... we don't have one to be honest. We are well adverse in every style and that is why we can give you what you want and if we cant, we will send you to someone who can. The collection of artist that work here have everything covered from portraits, so called 3D, realism, traditional, Japanese, new school, old school, simple to difficult. Back pieces to dime size, black to white and everything in between, yes that means color as well. We have appointments available and we do walk ins.

Our Passion

Our Passion

Getting a tattoo is about the whole experience start to finish and no one knows how to give you that better than Galveston Tattoo Company. We are very passionate about what we do. Please take the time to look at our portfolio and dig deeper if you would like, we have nothing to hide. We here at Galveston tattoo company look forward to tattooing you.

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