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Galveston Tattoo Company takes great pride in giving you the tattoo you want not the tattoo we want!


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  • If I could rate higher than 5 stars, I would. Greg did a wonderful job on my tattoo. I took in a rough drawing and came out with a really special design. Thank you so much Greg! He's an artist who knows his craft, his tools, his medium, and his palette. Don't argue with him, just let him do what he does best. The shops really nice, too.
    — Sheila Conner
  • Could not be happier with my tattoo and the way I was treated at Galveston Tattoo Company! Greg is very professional and did a excellent job during my 5 hr session. The shop was very clean and organized. Definitely suggest this shop over all the rest! Thanks again Greg!
    — Marcus Sharer
  • Greg does amazing work he has tattooed most of my family and myself. The shop is clean and has a great atmosphere, looking forward to getting more ink soon.
    — Jose Mendiola
  • Greg was kind enough to squeeze my wife and I in for a tattoo when the artist we were scheduled to see had a family emergency. He did two great bicycle tattoos for us. He also insisted on fixing my Yin Yang tattoo, which was not good, but is now great. Great work and a super clean place, would recommend for anyone in the Galveston area to go see.
    — Alexander Varner
  • You can NOT and will not ever get a better tattoo than what you will get from Greg Votaw! I have several tattoos and discovered Greg in 2012 while on vacation in Galveston. My husband and I started driving 300 miles one way just to let him do our ink. The tattoos that I had previous to finding him do not compare to the ones he has done for me! Abso...
    — Brandi Murrey
  • By far the best shop on the island, or the surrounding counties!! The owner takes his art very seriously, there isn't one artist in the shop that is a mediocre artists. They have all earned their right to work in a shop as prestigious as this one, and with a boss and mentor as great as Greg. There are many magazine articles that have been done on G...
    — Bryan Proctor
  • Ive gotten quite a bit of work done at Galveston Tattoo Company and have always left very enthused about the new tattoo I was given. I've been getting. Tattooed by Greg for seven years now, super professional artist and business owner, hands down the only artist I recommend.
    — Cole Nesbitt
  • Everything about the shop is great. Very Clean. Greg is extremely trust worthy. The price is on point. I literally fly to Texas to get my tattoos from him. His color work is amazing and his lines are clean. I will only get tattooed by this man!!!!!
    — Frankie Lawrence
  • Best tattoo shop around, hands down. Some of the coolest and most down to earth people. Greg is an amazing artist and always does quality work. We drive 3 1/2 hours to come here and can't wait to go back for more. Awesome shop!
    — Jason Helm
  • I have 3 tattoos that have been done at Galveston Tattoo Company, and I have had 1 freshen up. One was done by Jake, the rest are done by Greg Votaw. He does amazing work. I proudly have a tattoo that is his own design and I absolutely love it. Greg Votaw is awesome like that. Jeannie
    — Jeannie Blackketter


How to take care of a tattoo

The after care for a tattoo is more simple than one might think, it can be painful if your doing it right at least for the first few days.

The object here is to not let your tattoo scab up, the only way to do that is to keep it clean and moist. Your question is how do I do that.

Well first of all you want to not let any blood, plasma, lotion or anything else that might be on the tattoo build up and you for sure don't want that stuff to dry on your tattoo! A tattoo will leak and have some build up for the first 12 to 24 hours and if it goes on longer than that then that is your first sign that something is wrong!

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We take great pride in giving you the tattoo you want not the tattoo we want! We will take you idea and make it better than you even thought it could be. If your idea wont work we will work with you to make it so it will.

Honesty is sometimes hard to hear but that is what you are going to get here the tattoo you get represents our shop and we wont put anything on you that we would not wear ourselves. You have to be able to trust the artist putting a tattoo on your body and we understand that and we don’t use that to our advantage.

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